Want Pro, But Not For A $197 One Time Fee?
Would You Like The Perks Of Pro With A Permanent Plan That Suits You?

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3 Payments of $67

eyeSlick VIP - 3 part payment plan

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eyeSlick VIP - 6 part payment plan

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You'll Get As Our VIP Member

Unlock The FULL Functionality Of eyeSlick With This Limited Offer!

FOUR Features Any Serious eyeSlick'er Needs
LIMITED BONUS: Invite Pool + 10 Added Licenses

This Is ONLY Available From This Page!

Your Channel Will Be Permanently Pro!
Get all pro perks unlocked without ever having to pay a monthly fee.  ONLY available from this page during launch

Your Invites Will Get 6 Months Of Upgrades!
The channels you share will have an added value of $48 in monthly savings.

Get Automatic Channel Owners Added
With our POOL, the overflow will get distributed to you.  Obviously the faster you join, the more you'll benefit!

10 BONUS Channel Licenses
We'll even add a bonus 10 channel licenses to your purchase when you grab the VIP membership today!

What Are The Main Benefits Of Pro eyeSlick Channels?
On top of the added channel licenses and inclusion into our invite pool, your pro upgrade gives you:

Pro Perk #1
More Products

Regular channels can add a max of 4 products.  You'll be able unlimited product listings to the marketplace

Pro Perk #2
High Prices

Regular channels are capped at $10/m for calls they take.  As a pro you can set any price you wish.

Pro Perk #3
More Airtime

Regular channels can record a max of 1hr of airtime. As pro, you'll be able to use our servers to host up to 5hrs

Pro Perk #4
No Ads

We're releasing advertising to eyeSlick Oct '19.  Pro channels won't ads on your videos & channels + you won't see them on eyeSlick either.

NOTE: Pro upgrade is available inside eyeSlick for $8 per month PER channel
This is the ONLY time you'll be able to avoid paying monthly fees AND give your invites even more value!

Choose Your Payment Plan Option Below

3 Payments of $67

eyeSlick VIP - 3 part payment plan

6 Payments of $37

eyeSlick VIP - 6 part payment plan

This VIP Membership Gives You The Absolute Best

Your Channels Can Earn More, Your Referrals Earn More
Plus We'll Share Our Additional Signups With You Too!

Here's What Some Of Our VIP Members Are Saying:

"It Was An Easy Choice For Me"

When I saw the chance to upgrade to pro for a one time fee it was an easy choice for me.  I already had some ideas for people I could use my invitations for and I knew I wanted to give them a chance to sell a lot more than 4 items in their channels.  

And of course, if they are making more sales it's much more profitable for me.  I want to give my channels the best chance at getting everything from this new opportunity as I can!  Thanks!

- Justine H

"I Want To Be A Big Part Of This"

I've seen a lot of products come and go and always kick myself for being too late for everything.  I feel lucky to have found this right as it's opening and I want to be a big part of this, because I know there are many times when I've missed out.  This is not that time. 

- Anne F

Do You Actually Need This?
Lets Break Down These Added Features

Let's See All These Benefits So You Can Know Exactly What You're Getting

Your Pro Channel's Permanent Upgrade
Grandfathered In On All Pro Level Features

As A VIP Member You'll Get Access To The Power Packed Pro Features Instantly!

As you're aware, we've already got the attention of some major companies investing into making this the next huge social media phenomenon.

You'll get the following features added to your channel PLUS anytime we add new features to the pro level you'll get them added free of charge

Current perks include:
[+] Add unlimited products
[+] Record 5x as much as regular channels
[+] Remove $10/m limit for taking calls
[+] Remove/hide all ads on the platform

Your channels will be instantly more profitable adding more products, selling higher priced training and making sure that when people are on your channel they are 100% focused on you - not distracted by advertising on the platform (to be added end of Sept '19).  This perk alone is worth it's weight in gold!

You can secure the upgrade that keeps on giving...!

6 Month Upgrade Bump For Licenses
$48 Added Value ONLY Available Through YOU!

All Of Your Other Licenses Have 6 Months Pro Attached To Them

Want to feel like a true VIP?

Very Important People are highly sought after ... everyone wants what they've got. 

With this bonus that can be you, offering something much more valueable than anything regular eyeSlick license owners can.

And don't forget ... if they can sell more and sell higher value products - your 5% royalty referral fee gets a massive bump too! 

After that 6 months runs out, they'll have the opportunity to upgrade for $8/month - or choose to switch to regular channel, either way there's no doubt, it will be a very valuable 6 months for you!

Inclusion In Our Invite Pool

We're already getting a lot of people wanting to join who aren't able to get in ... because this is an invite only platform.

So, we want to share those with you.  When you're a VIP member we'll place random people into your account as if you invited them yourself.   It won't cost you channel licenses and you'll be able to earn 5% of anything they earn on eyeSlick - growing your income as we continue to grow our business.

Pretty sweet yeah?  

10 Added Channel Licenses

If you want to create even more channels, or use your agency pay it forward royalty bonus with more vigour .. then this is perfect for you!  

We'll add an extra 10 channel licenses that you can use to create your own channels in more niches OR use to invite and profit with the special referral bonus. 

Everything will be available in your members area immediately!

We'll Also Include Our eyeSlick
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Love the added perks of VIP Membership or contact us within 30 days and we'll refund your purchase. 

We're 99.9999% sure you'll be thrilled, but... hey... you won't know until you give it a try right?  So we're making it easy for you.  Try it, love it or contact our support desk and we'll return your money to you.

Choose Your Payment Plan Option Below

3 Payments of $67

eyeSlick VIP - 3 part payment plan

6 Payments of $37

eyeSlick VIP - 6 part payment plan

Thank you again for being a part of the eyeSlick platform.  I can't wait to see what you're doing with your pro accounts soon!

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