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Channel Targeter Cheatsheets 

Our Complete Rolodex To Every Corner Of Profits With This System

Your licenses are equipped with the most powerful component ... Resellers Royalty add on.

So when you give away your licenses, you want to make sure you give them to the right people... 

Then, when they make money - you'll pocket 5% without doing anything else... ever! 

With this collection of information you're able to flick through and find out exactly how to use eyeSlick, who would be best for that topic and what are the best ways to make money in that area. 

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9 Professionally Created Video Adverts

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Professionally Designed Graphic Ad Creatives

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Get a fully ready-to-use collection of banner ads you only available from this page.  

You'll be able to use them as they are, or customise however you like by downloading and using the added source code files, so you have full control. 

Use to get more people to sign up and lock in those handsfree royalty payments! 

Profit Component Part #4
Professionally Designed Infographic & Email Tools

We'll give you the source files and completely done infographic showcasing everything there is to benefit with eyeSlick, so you can hand this to people you know will make money with eyeSlick, give them a channel and sit back and profit. 

And because email is still one of the most responsive ways to communicate with your audience and new clients, so of course... we've included a high converting email sequence you simply:

- Edit with your niche, your name and of course... your prospects name
- Copy and paste into your autoresponder or even just individually to the people you want to be a part of this
- Relax and let our copywriters hard work take over 

You can even use the content as copy/paste messages you can use on Facebook messenger, whatsapp and more

We have these and more that you can have at your disposal, giving you the ultimate edge when it comes to making the most of your eyeSlick channel licenses. 

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Video Training No Longer Available
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- We've broken down every part of turning your eyeSlick channel licenses into mini-profit machines
- Showing all of the key points you need to know
- How to use the templates that are included this agency toolkit to make the best of what you've got
- Finding profitable channel owners within your circle
- Finding profitable channel owners locally
- Finding profitable channel owners online
- Following up with your channel referrals with our done for you tools so they make more sale and you get more cash!

Profit Component Part #6
PDF Companion Cheatsheets

If you're someone who likes to read along, we've got you covered with our handy PDF guides.

These guides are perfectly tailored with easy to follow steps and fun educational training along the way. 

You'll be a pro channel creator in days, whatever your skill level and with this complete collection of tools you'll be able to be prepared for anything, any time - making the most of every single channel license you own. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I Need The vTail Manifesto Upgrade?

A: Your eyeSlick channel licenses are ready to go so you can start creating your channels now no problems.  However, this upgrade gives you the BEST possible strategies as well as the collection of completely done for you tools to turn your channel licenses into absolutely gold.  


Q: Are There Any Extra Fees?

A: No.  You'll receive access to the vTail Manifesto immediately and never have to pay an extra cent.  There are no hidden/recurring fees - nothing is locked, it's all available to you whenever you need it, as many times as you need it, whenever it suits you. 


Q: Does eyeSlick work like an MLM?

A: No, not at all.  Some people confuse the "Pay It Forward" agency licensing as Multi Level Marketing (MLM), when there is no relation whatsoever. 

The licenses you've received DO have the ability to earn you passive income, because when you use your licenses to invite people you'll earn 5% royalties. However ... this is NOT on multiple levels - and are only available with the licenses you own (not available to the public!) .  There are no multiple  tiered commissions available.  Only you earning from people you directly refer as a referral/royalty fee from that channel owner. 


Q: Is This Really "Beginner Friendly"?

A: Yes!  Our training is very step by step, all of our tools are easy to customise and if you get stuck at any part along the way our friendly Facebook community is happy to help, or you can contact our awesome support team and we'll patiently guide you through to seeing massive levels of success


Q: Can I Access This vTail Manifesto Resource Later?

A: Yes!  We will make this available to you at a later date, however ... to keep things fair, the price will be at least 3 times what it is that we have made it available for on this page. 

Our plan on this page is to equip people who are go-getters, those wo aren't afraid to really embrace a new technology and dive head first into working with us to ensure this becomes the next big social media platform created.  We invite you to jump aboard now, risk free.  Try it out for 30 days, and if it's not for you, you can request a refund - we want you 100% thrilled with your experience and work our best to make sure that happens! 

This website in no way is affiliated with FaceBook or any FaceBook entities. Once you leave FaceBook the responsibility no longer is on their site. We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information. Can Spam compliant. If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact us link below this text.


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