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Copy/paste simplicity supercharges any affiliate offers, websites, lead capture pages, social pages & more for easy leads and sales!

Done-for-you traffic on major traffic networks guarantees your great videos get seen by even greater audiences 

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Here's What Some Of Our Early Access Members Are Saying!

Extraordinary! What Cindy has come up is by far the most powerful marketing platform launched in recent years.

It gives anyone, regardless of the experience or professional background, a front-row seat in social media marketing to generate profits.

The best part is that you can do that without becoming an influencer or public figure, and what can be better than that!? Love it!

- Peter Garety

"eyeSlick Monetizes My Videos"
- Jose Franco

"The platform is AMAZING!"
- Scott Lichau

"It's Even Better Than YouTube" - Diane Hoggarth

"Love it... It's Awesome!"
- Ian Harper

This is a revolutionary new platform that will allow anyone to monetize video channels whether they actually make the videos themselves or not!

- Todd Gross

eyeSlick will help you build your brand or business

- Madyson Greene

Still wishing for a beginner friendly way to earn income online?

Social media marketing, eCommerce, video marketing, affiliate marketing, local marketing, creating your own products …

The list keeps going on and on with potential ways you can turn your time online into cash in your bank. But...

Do you ever feel like the odds are stacked against you?

eCommerce is projected to be a $20 trillion dollar industry by 2022, yes!  That's TRILLION with a T...!


Creating stores is complicated, finding products that sell and making them profitable and then finding traffic can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare

Social media marketing is massive with 3.48 billion social media users in 2021, with the worldwide total growing by 288 million (9 percent) since this time last year


With that many people on a platform comes a LOT of competition, advertising costs skyrocketing and your posts being shoved to the bottom of the newsfeed.

Unless you’ve got a big following like the founding Facebook and Instagram social media marketers Gary Vee and Grant Cardone you’ll really struggle to get seen

Video marketing is a necessity with 85% of all internet users in the US having watched online video content in the last month alone


Making video can get pretty time consuming and expensive. PLUS... without creating a LOT of video it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is working or not for quite a while after you put in the work

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online, there’s no content creation or having to support the product … you just share a link…


Most niches are overcrowded now, so without some way to reach the masses the big commission cheques usually end up going to the same small handful of big marketers

Local business marketing is a surefire goldmine, as an online marketer you can help their businesses grow, so it’s a total win/win scenario


It involves having to really put yourself out there, go face to face and then do the work they hire you for… then you need to keep doing it over and over again, so you start out thinking you have found your freedom from the office and end up feeling like you’re just working another J.O.B.

Creating your own products is seen as the ‘end goal’ for a lot of marketers, because once you have a digital product you can leverage the authority and of course, make sales around the clock 


It’s a lot of work. Enough said, right? And you never really know if it’s going to be well accepted, supported and sell until you’ve already spent 6 months and thousands of dollars into creating and releasing it…

Let’s Face It!

Internet Marketing IS WAS not as straightforward as you might have first believed



From: Cindy Donovan

To: You... if you're ready to piggyback off a major breakthrough in online retail 
Re: The beginner friendly way to earn money online that's fun and easy to do

I’m Cindy, proud Aussie mum of two teenagers, world traveller, self professed geek and gratefully successful Internet Marketer.

Over the last 12 years I’ve helped tens of thousands of people find easier, faster and better ways to market online - with many success stories of people being empowered to quit their 9-5 and finally start building lives for themselves.

While new Internet Marketing success stories are created every day... 

There are still WAY too many people who struggle to make money online. 

Which frustrates the hell out of me - and is thedriving force pushing me to create easier, better solutions that help more people switch from struggling and financially scaping by, to living the lives they freely create.

We're about to make a big change in all of that with something we call vTail technology.

What Is vTail?

vTail is a new simplified system unlike anything you've seen before that makes profiting with video, eCom, affiliate marketing, social media and more possible for anyone!


Online's most profitable way to reach, engage and sell to the masses

Social video, live or via hosted sites like YouTube & Vimeo are the best kinds!

Tail  (Retail)

eCommerce is about to reach $20 Trillion in the near future...

Ignoring the online retail opportunity in virtually financial suicide...! 

= vTail

With 1.92 billion people buying digital goods and services online in 2018 and sales online continue to boom!

vTail is an easy to use system bringing together the most profitable parts of social, video and ecom that anyone can do. 

The Truth Is: Since The Birth of Social Media

Affiliates, local businesses, online ecom stores, online marketers or people just wanting to make a side hustle have been

Looking for ways to use it to make money

People who have been making money on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter are doing it one of two ways.

If you spend a lot of time on social media you'll notice there are one of two (sometimes both) things that all successful marketers on any platform do.  Just think, who do you know, who do you follow and who pops up regulary in your newsfeed... Option 1 or 2? 

Option 1: Be A Social Media Influencer

You have to be vulnerable if you want to really get noticed.  It's a regular process of exposing yourself like crazy, not just the comfortable, prettied up version... but your whole self in order to make money.

Or... your other option: 

Option 2: Spend A Lot Of Money 

If you prefer a little bit of privacy and dignity, you can always just spend a hundred dollars on a campaign and get a few eyeballs on your offer

So the real question is this...

How Could You Combine The Two Forces Of
Social Media With Money Making

 Without Having To Expose Yourself Or Pay Hundreds For Traffic? 

The solution tying all of this together and doing away with complicated, frustrating, expensive and time wasting attempts is vTail.

Video & Social Services Without eCommerce

Retail Services Without Social Audiences


How do you bridge the gap between wanting to leverage social media sites and getting your affiliate offers in front of them, or selling your ecom products, getting more local clients

Well I’ve been thinking about that over the last few years and what I’m about to show you is something that bridges the gap and makes making money online as simple as it can possibly be ... 

The ultimate vTail platform to ready to turn anyone into a wildly successful video marketer, online coach, affiliate marketer, product creator, local business marketer or whatever it is you want to be! 

Which is why I’m extremely excited to introduce you to...


Brand new interactive media marketplace that lets you turn simple videos into automated money making pages

Works Whether You Are The Video Creator or Not

With Just A Few Clicks!

Watch | Play | Teach | Sell & Profit

Your own "vTail" channels in any niche on the hottest new video social eCommerce platform!

Import videos from YouTube and fill your channel with creative commons content

Click and go live from your computer or phone, or upload pre-recorded videos

Sell physical or digital products... or even click a button and sell your own time by the minute for online coaching in your field

Products are live in moments!  Beautifully delivered and managed inside eyeSlick

Receive rewards (including cash!) when you post great content, earning without even selling!

6 months of inbuilt traffic with our fully funded traffic syndicate (10% of eyeSlick's profits are re-invested in paid advertising to send YOU traffic)

The First Social Media Platform That Pays YOU!

eyeSlick is NOT just another product landing in your inbox

eyeSlick is a real business

We've secured $1,000,000 in funding from business investors who have seen the potential of this platform and are partnering with us, to make this massive.

This funding is being used to expand the reach of our platform.

Including investing that and reinvesting a substantial amount of our profits into paid traffic from outside sources like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and more...

This means YOU benefit with hoards of FREE traffic completely done by us

Our goal is to make YOU successful & have you profit from it!

The eyeSlick platform is already live in the iTunes, Google Play stores and available via Mac and PC to watch - our audience is already growing virally, hungrily waiting to send YOU money!

We Inviting You To Take The Front Seat

Because we're just starting out, for the first time you are in the front seat.

Maybe you've missed out on opportunities in the past.  You hesitated a little too long and the moment passed... Maybe it's cost you dearly in lost time, frustration and of course lost potential income.

Today that all ends, because right now when you join YOU will have prime position to profit right out the gate and be one people look at in envy when you tell them, you got in right at the start.

How eyeSlick Works For You

As a channel creator you'll be able to go live, upload, or even import videos from YouTube

You choose your niche, pick what you want to sell and you're ready to profit!

Name Channel 

Get channel licenses from this page.

Simply choose your niche, decide what you want to call your channel & share what you know to our global audience.

List Product

List products or take orders for whatever you want to sell.  Sell your physical goods or digital too with automatically delivered download links.

Get Paid

Get paid on time for your time, services and products.

Payment is transferred to you in real time via Paypal, wire transfer or whatever works best for you.

eyeSlick's Powerful Features:

Sell Digital or Physical Products
Easy | Quick | Profitable

Listing a product is simple to do. Just click, add your description and choose your price.  Your product is live and available in our marketplace. 

No messing around with merchant accounts or getting approval. You're live and ready to sell anything from your digital course, to your kid's old bicycle in under 60 seconds.

This works for digital product owners, or even dropshippers with all the info you need available in your dashboard.

Affiliate Products, Webinar or Lead Gen
Link directly on your videos

You're able to place links directly over your videos making sure every viewer sees your calls to action. 

You can add a link to: 
[+] Any products you've added to the marketplace
[+] Your affiliate links
[+] Lead capture pages to build your lists
[+] Social media pages to grow your audience
[+] ANYTHING you choose to make you money!

Sell Video Courses
Exclusive Sale | Multiple Buyers

You can use eyeSlick to upload your videos or create on the fly … and sell entire courses or playlists you create. Sell exclusive rights to them for a higher ticket price, or sell to the masses similar mega-sites like Udemy

Get Paid By The Minute
Private Coaching & Consulting

If you're a coach or someone who can offer tutoring, or anyone who just knows a bit more than the next guy ... you'll love this feature!  Set your price per minute and choose when you want to be available.  eyeSlick will automatically deposit the money into your account in real time, as you're live on the call.

Get Tips & Donations
Get Paid Even When You're Not Selling

Your viewers have the option to leave tips for you, so even if you don't list a single product eyeSlick can still earn you cash!

Import Videos From YouTube
Playlists | Instant Import | Easy Content

Want to build your channels with YouTube videos?  Simply copy and paste the video URL and we'll import the videos, title, description.  All you need to do is decide how you want it to then go ahead and start making you money!

Get Paid However You Like
Paypal, Stripe and more integrations to come

All sales are processed through our eyeSlick account, so money is automatically taken from your customer and placed into your eyeSlick account in real time.

When you want to withdraw your money, request and it's yours within 3-5 business days.

Scheduling & Push Notifications
Automated inBuilt Alerts

Let everyone know when you’re going live with our inbuilt push notifications to draw in an instant audience when you add new content or when your next live session is about to begin.

Gamification & Rewards
Engaging | Fun | Authority

Whether you've won a competition, sold your first item, or even just joined the community, we’ve got hundreds of celebrations you and your viewers will receive to encourage engagement and interaction.

Anytime, Anywhere
PC | Mac | Android | iPhone

Broadcast live from anywhere you choose directly from your device, set up campaigns and create product listings. Everything can be done where you want in a snap!

Watch The Video Below For A
Complete Video Walkthrough!
This Viral Sales Platform Waiting For You To
Claim Your Channels & Pick Your Profits

  This works across literally any/all niche, market and professions . 

Here’s how some people are already using EyeSlick to reach bigger audiences, have more engagement, make more sales and even find more higher value customers!

NOTE: These are all REAL channels, published and earning income for our REAL eyeSlick members

Many of them aren't even making their own videos
(You'll find out how to do that in our bonus step-by-step training video series too!) 

Cooking Classes

Grace earns passive income:
[+] Getting in her kitchen and sharing her talents mostly with whole/natural foods
[+] Small group live sessions
[+] Related food and kitchen supplies

Yoga Supplies

Julie publishes: 
[+] Creative commons yoga videos
[+] Simple videos she creates or gets from dropshipping co's demo'ing her products
[+] Sells yoga bands, mats and clothing

Business Coaching

Thilan offers:
[+] Pre-recorded video training packages
[+] One-on-one business coaching calls
[+] Larger group webinar meetings for business and personal growth training

Spiritual Bodybuilding

Nobuyuki sells:
[+] Free training (getting cash rewards)
[+] Small bootcamp sessions live
[+] Nutritional supplements
[+] One-on-one coaching sessions

Internet Marketing

Jamie makes money by:
[+] Giving content & getting rewarded 
[+] Selling his own digital products
[+] Promoting related affiliate offers
[+] Individual higher end coaching calls

Conspiracy Theorist

Caitlin's Alien Channel offers:
[+] Alien conspiracy entertainment videos
[+] All content is free and available online, she finds it and posts on eyeSlick
[+] People reward her with cash!

Photoshop Tutorials

Josiah makes money with eyeSlick with:
[+] Free training (getting cash rewards)
[+] Freelancing projects
[+] Selling graphics templates
[+] Problem solving small group sessions

Fashion Store

Denita lists videos that:
[+] Sell her fashion consultancy services
[+] Help with last minute 'what should I wear' emergencies (paid private consult)
[+] Supplies ecom products on bulk

Beauty Tips

Liza's channel shares:
[+] Makeup tutorials and sells products
[+] Personalised outfit and makeup consults, specialising in special events like Weddings and birthday celebrations

Live Music Streaming

Cali finds:
[+] Videos from Youtube with creative commons permissions 
[+] Uploads popular ones to his channel
[+] Has people donating real money in eyeSlick  to thank him for his live streams

Marketing Expert

John Crestani: 
[+] Imported his Youtube Videos 
[+] Links to his high ticket webinar
[+] Uses his channel to build his audience on other social media platforms

News Channel

TV eye News offers:
[+] Breaking news available to public
[+] Also sells private exclusive rights to news channels for top quality content
[+] Reports anything interesting going on

The opportunities for eyeSlick are VAST. 

With unlimited creativity and flexibility to monetize your way!

But hold on a moment....

Maybe there's something going
on in your mind right now...

It's A Fair Question... What If You're Not A: 

- Creative person
- Personal trainer
- Business coach
- Musician
- Interior decorator
- Person with training & skills
- Actor or director
- Designer
- Person who has hobbies
- Ideas person

- Geek who likes techie things
- Business professional
- Person who gets on camera
- Social media expert
- English speaking person
- Teacher or training professional
- Online marketer
- Journalist
- Blogger or website owner
- Person with lots of spare time

In Fact... What If...


Actually, that's perfectly ok.

In fact, maybe even BETTER than ok! 

This will work for you! 

So Smile... Because...


During Our Post-Launch Special Offer...

We're Including These Two
Amazing eyeSlick Addons

NOTE: The reseller royalties add on will be removed once 10,000 channels are created

It's one thing to sell affiliate products, make dropshipping sales, make money with review videos, selling your own digital or physical products or being available as a highly paid coach.

But... we want to make sure you can profit 

Even if you never upload or add a single video to the eyeSlick platform yourself

With this special add on ONLY available when you buy from this page today.

ADD ON #1: Reseller Royalities

During our limited time release we want to make this even easier for you by including the ability to giveaway your channel licenses and profit with our “Pay It Forward” reseller royalites add on.

Here’s how it works!

[+] You’ll get a special giveaway link you can give to anyone
[+] They’ll sign up and create their channel
[+] You’ll earn 5% on all income they make on their channels

For doing nothing other than inviting them to create a channel.

You can give channels away as bonuses, give them to clients or find successful business people you know will be perfect for eyeSlick, give it to them and you’ll be rewarded!

  Even If You're The Laziest Person On The Planet This Add On Will Work For You  

ADD ON #2: Inbuilt Automated Traffic

As we mentioned earlier we've secured $1,000,000 in funding from business investors who have seen the potential of this platform and are partnering with us, to make this massive.

This funding is being used to expand the reach of our platform.

Including investing that and reinvesting a substantial amount of our profits into paid traffic from outside sources like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and more...

This means YOU benefit with hoards of FREE traffic completely done by us

This inbuilt automated traffic add on is only available for our fast action takers.  We can only take a limited number of people in, to make sure you get enough traffic to make a noticable difference in your bank balance, so act now and lock in these two add ons!

NOTE: This is an extremely limited offer and I reserve the right to take it down at anytime (as soon as today if we need to), so if you're seeing this still available now is the time to act and secure these two add on's today.

Now It’s Your Turn To Unleash Something EPIC

With Your Own eyeSlick Access Today

eyeSlick gives anyone, regardless of the experience or professional background, a front-row seat in social media marketing to generate profits.

The best part is that you can do that without becoming an influencer or public figure, and what can be better than that!? Love it!

- Peter Garety

Completely beginner friendly vTail platform! Profit-ready, even if you've never earned anything online before!

Copy/paste your links to any affiliate offers, websites, lead capture pages, social pages & more for easy leads and sales!

Automated physical or digital product sales, affiliate sales or even get paid with tips and cash rewards & tips

Inbuilt video importer. Go live from your phone/computer, upload or fill your channel with content from YouTube

Video Training Materials Shows you how to set up and optimise your system for fast and worryfree results 

ADD ON #1: Reseller Royalties instantly available on your licenses so you earn 5% even if you give them away!

ADD ON #2: Inbuilt Automated Traffic on major traffic networks guarantees you seen by massive audiences 

BONUS: Live Training Event.  This online masterclass event will show you step-by-step how to succeed

Select Your eyeSlick Option Below


Starter Pack

Includes The Following: 

  • 3 eyeSlick channels
  • Easy to use marketplace, product publisher, tip/rewards and money making system
  • One click video importer for YouTube
  • Live video recorder and upload function
  • iPhone & Android Apps + PC/Mac
  • Step-by-step video training library
  • [+] Bonus live webinar event
eyeSlick Standard

Ultimate System

Includes The Following: 

  • 25 eyeSlick channels
  • Easy to use marketplace, product publisher, tip/rewards and money making system
  • One click video importer for YouTube
  • Live video recorder and upload function
  • iPhone & Android Apps + PC/Mac
  • Step-by-step video training library
  • [+] Bonus live webinar event
  • [+] Reseller Royalties ADD ON
    Automatically receive 5% payments on sales on the platform for channels you give away
  • [+] Inbuilt Automated Traffic ADD ON
    Benefit from our done for you traffic bonus as we use the $1M in invested capital to grow eyeSlick to the next major social media platform

Deluxe Double Discount LIVE

Get 25 50 Licenses

When You Order NOW!

USE COUPON: SAVE20 To Save 20%
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eyeSlick Deluxe

Your purchase today is protected by our 30-day money back guarantee.  If for any reason or no reason at all, you decide that eyeSlick's vTail Platform is not for you, as long as it's within the first 30-days, we will refund 100% of your money back. 

Now's is the chance for you to finally make this Internet Marketing thing work for you.  So sign up right now!

To Your Success,

P.S. I reserve the right to change the price, change the offer or remove this altogether even as soon as today.

If you want a beginner friendly way to see profits without having to worry about traffic, now is the time to act.   This incredible opportunity won't last. Secure your eyeSlick channel today. 

DISCLAIMER: This platform is brought to you by . This site is not a part of or endorsed by or any other way connected to Facebook Inc. and/or Google Inc. Results presented on this page is not typical and can be only achieved through hard work, dedication and full commitment to execute. Every effort has been made to represent this software and training, and it's earning potential accurately. However, there is no guarantee for anyone that you will generate any income using techniques, ideas, concepts and strategies presented during the training or software. The earning potential of these strategies is entirely based on the person executing them.

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